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A Child's Most Important Lessons

There are so many good reasons that our children don't come with manuals, however who hasn't found themselves wishing for the troubleshooting section in the child's owners manual. Though we all know that if there were a basic answer to all questions related to kids we would be raising robots not confident, mature, responsible, intelligent individuals, and after all that is basically what we all wish for our children is it not? Raising your child to develop these attributes is so important and is best started when a child's mind is most impressionable, in the first five years, when they have the ability to absorb so much. Every child is completely unique so the following teachings discussed by Helene Goldnadel will certainly need to be perfected for each individual but the ultimate lesson remains the same.

To teach confidence to young children you need only to be supportive. So they may not make the most brilliant decisions or be successful in there attempts at things, and it seems so much easier and less disappointing for them if you just show them the proper way in the beginning.. But this will not teach them to try, to take a risk, to accept failure and try again. With your support and encouragement they will try again and continue to until they succeed. Building in them the confidence to trust themselves and believe they can do what they put their mind to.

To teach a child Maturity is not actually necessary, if you can teach a child confidence, responsibility, and intelligence, the other three attributes listed above. Then you have taught them maturity. You must be very careful not to try and make them mature beyond their years, and never use negative remarks such as telling them to "grow up", or to "stop acting like a baby." These do absolutely nothing positive for a child's self esteem.

To teach a child responsibility it is important that the child be taught to take responsibility for their actions. When they have done something wrong explain to them why it is wrong, what has their action caused, attempt to pin point what caused this to happen and brainstorm better ways of acting or reacting and most import make them assist in correcting it as best as possible, this teaches them to think before they act as they will be responsible for cleaning up the "mess" so to speak.

To teach a child intelligence is so much more then teaching to read or learn textbook knowledge, though this too is important. What Helene Goldnadel believes to be lacking in so many individuals today is common sense knowledge, children need to be shown to deal with everyday issues and solve problems to be tested more often on life lessons. Too often these days children are given the answers when they ask a questions or are presented with a problem or a situation, rather then being asked what they think and being provoked to brainstorm. Creativity is also a strong exercise for the brain it provokes thought processes such as problem solving and brainstorming.

We as parents are building our children's futures, today! So they deserve our best efforts!

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