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Benefits of Learning a Musical Instrument by Helene Goldnadel

Music is the very essence of life. Since ancient times music has been a part of our lives. Whether it is a joyous moment like adding a new family member or wedding, or sad ceremonies like funerals, we need music to complete every important occasions of our lives. Music is a delight for our souls, it let express our innermost joy and all kinds of feeling humans go through in a lifetime. If you are thinking to learn a new musical instrument, here are top benefits of learning or playing a musical instrument discussed by Helene Goldnadel:

1) Enhances listening skills

Music is all about listening. Yes, when you play on a musical instrument, you need to listen to what you are playing. Listening requires focus to hear what you are playing or to find out where you are going wrong. When you actually pay attention to hear, you will understand more about your music. And when you learn to hear well, you sharpen your listening skills.

2) Boosts your learning capacity

Learning music is equal to learning something new. The human brain becomes more active and receptive when it is constantly used to learn new things. It gives the requisite exercises to the brain and hence improves the ability to capture new ideas and concepts. Playing a musical instrument enhances the ability to learn new things at a faster pace.

3) Increases your ability to pay attention

The modern world is full of distractions in the form of mindless chatters, constant notifications via mobile gadgets and too much happenings around you. And in this immensely communicative world, when everything is seeking your attention it becomes difficult for you to pay attention. In such scenario, learning or playing musical instrument can be a big rescue. When you play a guitar or a piano or any musical instrument, your mind becomes totally focused. This helps you to put a full stop to all distractions and pay attention to what is essential.

4) Helps you to distress

Whether you are a small kid at school or someone working at office, everyone is busy meeting their targets or complete some sort of tasks every day. This is great until it becomes a chore for you, and mostly it does become some sort of routine which rips off all the charm of chasing a dream or achieving something. When there is too much to accomplish, it stresses you out. And what could be better than playing a musical instrument to ward off those stresses and start to find beauty and peace in your daily life. Life is hard and it always have been that way, the only thing we can do is it make it beautiful by playing music.

5) An outlet to express yourself

Yes, we are free to express ourselves. But, do we do that often? The majority of us may be answering 'No'. Music is a like a blank paper, where you can play to express your emotions. Self-expression is important to awaken the free spirit in you or the unique you. Music could be just the launching pad for you, where you can launch the real 'You'.

6) Improves memory

Playing any musical instrument regularly can help you improve your memory power to a great extent. In a research, conducted across different age groups have found that playing a musical instrument for at least an hour a day improves cognitive skills. Music has the power to make your mind active, innovative and strengthen your memory power.

7) Makes you happy

What can be better than adding happiness in your life? Yes, playing music adds happiness because as your progress in playing a musical instrument, you develop a sense of achievement. And you feel you are doing something great, you feel happier. Music makes you happy, as it sings the song of your soul.

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