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Child Talent - Avoid Pressure

Does your son or daughter have a specific talent or skill? How can you best enhance their experiences for their own development? One of the things according to Helene Goldnadel to avoid is that of pressurizing a child.


It is all too common for parents to see an emerging talent and believe that the best way to foster it (and thereby get the child to become an advanced expert) is to push and drive the child as much as they can. But where does this leave the child who, for whatever reason, has tired of the activity and wishes, simply, to follow a different path?


It can be difficult for parents especially when a child has a talent that could so easily develop into something that might serve them well in the future. How much of this belief is actually in the hopes and minds of the parents is not entirely clear, but pushing a child that has no long term interest, is wrong.


What can, therefore be done to help in this situation?


  • Encourage (not drive ) your child - encouragement is a positive response
  • Take the time to immerse yourself in their activity - if you do it, they might too
  • Make everything entertaining and fun - positive feedback is always important
  • Always praise and never scold - negativity is a recipe for disaster


Children will naturally find their own level and this may include doing things that a parent would consider to be a backward step. Physical and emotional development brings with it a natural force and pull for a child. A parent would do well to observe and encourage rather than dismiss and criticize.

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