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For The Personal Development Quality Time Is Required

Invariable development is the law of life that demands time, strength and effort as the development cannot be achieved in a moment. Can we imagine life without time? No! Neither it's really unfeasible; and if it becomes possible, than life will lose its charisma and beauty. We value every single incident because of the precious time. Apart from time, development also demands strength and effort. Here strength doesn't imply only physical strength, but involve mental and moral strength. Our willingness motivates us towards doing something or achieving some goal. But willingness without proper effort is nothing but a blunt axe that has the quality to cut something into pieces, but cannot do so because of lack of sharpness. It is correctly mentioned by some scholar that "Rome wasn't built in a day". It took a long time for the Roman people to develop a city like Rome that was the focal point of the world during ancient time. It was enriched in every aspect whether its architecture or athletics; armed forces or culture; economic structure or literature. It was the willingness and efforts of the Roman people that created a gigantic figure of Rome in the world spectrum.

Development depends upon some factors; whether it's the development of a place or a human being. Helene Goldnadel believes that it takes time and dedication to groom up and develop the expertise of a child. Child development is a process which every child goes through and this process involves learning and mastering skills like sitting, walking, talking, skipping and managing. Children learn these skills, called developmental milestones, during predictable time periods. There are five main areas of development of a child as per Helene Goldnadel - cognitive development, social & emotional development, speech & language development, fine motor skill development and gross motor skill development. These five areas of development deal with the child's ability to learn & solve problems, to interact with others, to understand & use language, and to use small & large muscles. To develop these skills parents, family members and teachers play a key role. Every normal child is blessed with the quality of catching things rapidly. Thus every single thing that a child comes across leaves an impact on the child's development.

After entering the world of schooling, the child gets into a completely new universe where every aspect amazes and influences the child. Taking this into consideration, modern day schools are providing an education structure that suits the needs of time and also ensures all round development to the children. The education system has come across a long way to reach into this slot where education can be said to be a potent weapon to fight with every situation. The technological advancement, in turn, is making its presence felt in the field of education also. Smart classes and digitized method of learning help the teachers to create an atmosphere where children can explore themselves and the world in a more logical manner. In the ancient days, only royal people had the access to knowledge; but now the tree of knowledge itself has spread up its branches where everyone can get a shelter and find comfort.

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