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How to Help Your Child Focus? Helene Goldnadel Explains

Children in today's age are exposed to a number of extremely stimulating environments. With their fast-paced atmosphere they also adapt to fast-changing stimuli hence when they are made to sit in a class for a lecture or made to do a repetitive task they become restless and tend to lose focus.

Research in the Pew Research Center, shows that the recent generation has a much shorter attention span, as compared to the older generations, due to a growing involvement of technology in everyday life.

As a parent, it shouldn't only be your concern but also your responsibility to look for ways to help your child become a calmer and a more dynamic person. And overcome the anxiety he or she might be feeling by using the following suggestions made by Helene Goldnadel a life coach and child development teacher:

Promote productive behavior:

1) In-person communications

With the growing trend of texting, calling and instant messaging, the good old dinner table conversations have been lost. Bring back the old tradition and have a face to face conversation with your child.

2) Power of a self-pep talk

You cannot be with your child at all times and even if you can, being independent is something every child must learn soon. Teach your child how to face a tough situation with a self-talk.

3) Take what nature has to offer

With the recent technological growth in our life, we have forgotten to stop and appreciate the peace that Mother Nature offers. Remind your child of that peace by taking him for a long stroll through his favorite parks.

4) Yoga for kids

The principle behind this is focusing on your breathing which in turn helps your child have greater concentration. The same concept is applied to yoga.

5) Let the creative juices flow

Set a time aside for projects that involve your child being as creative as possible. Pick a project online and let your child decide how he wants to go about it.

6) Reading

Reading before bed time from the old school hardcover books can help your child relax together with building a strong bond with the parent.

7) Utilize the play time

Instead of buying a video game, play with your child and let his imagination take the lead. Build forts and houses out of cushions and bed sheets.

An environment that helps:

8) Healthy diet

As strange as it may be, a huge factor that affects your child's concentration level is their diet. Sugary food such as candies and carbonated drinks makes your child hyperactive. Think of creative fun ways to indulge your child in healthy foods and snacks.

9) Physical activities

Parents need to build a family tradition of being physically active. Be it a game of soccer or a jog in the park, exercise should be a part of everyday routine for a healthier family.

10) Education doesn't necessarily have to be boring

We have turned learning into something that is nothing more than a job. Once we change this perception and make learning other than a necessity, it can become more fun for the kids. Incorporate fun ways of learning so that your child thinks of learning as a better alternative then video games.

11) Your child learns from you

A parent is the first and most important guide of a child. They are what every child look up to. Do what you want them to follow.

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