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Tips and Techniques by Helene Goldnadel to Improve Singing

Boring as it may seem but in every singing lesson and voice courses out there, one of the most important parts of the course is the breathing exercises and the vocal techniques.

Learning these two things will fast tract a student to improve their singing and eventually learn the other concepts and theories of music and singing.

Below are effective tips or techniques suggested by Helene Goldnadel that will improve your singing. Understanding and knowing these guides is definitely initial step if you want to learn to get better with your singing.

Create solid, full sound

This may sound straight forward and simple, but doing this exercise is crucial in your process of learning to sing. All singers must not only exercise and increase their vocal range, they must only do regular warm-up exercises to create a strong and solid sound while singing.

As a singer your main objective is to be heard by your audience including those who are far away from the stage. You can do it not by shouting at them but by producing strong, full and solid sound of singing.

Sustain and End a Tone

Include into your regular practice routine having to sing a note and sustain it for a couple of minutes. The same goes when ending a song. Doing so will not only empower your sing voice but you'll also be aware of your breathing.

Identify and Sing a Pitch

Learning how to sing in the correct pitch is what every student of singing wants! If you can identify and sing a particular pitch by ear, you are on your way there! Listening to classical music is a great way to practice the ear in hearing various pitches. The first step in learning to sing on pitch is learning to hear pitch.

Pronounce vowels and consonants while singing

Singing is basically speaking to someone or everyone. You want your message to be heard. Pronouncing correct words while singing is a good indication that you are a good singer. Be aware of the sounds of your voice and the pronunciation of the words that come out. Proper diction is essential in singing.

Add emotion to your singing

Feel the song. If you add emotion to your singing, you will captivate and engage your audience and they will be hooked to you and will be listening to every word you sing.

These are just a few of the important vocal techniques. There are more techniques that can be learned and mastered and knowing these will greatly help you sing professionally.

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